The hot Italian girl is coming back to live porn!

That’s what I heard, actually I read it on AVN magazine that Famous Pornstar Audrey Bitoni is on her way back to perform in live porn videos on a very famous network, that is actually the only online company that offers WebCam porn starring real pornstars.

This gorgeous 30-year-old girl from Italian descent is one of my favorite adult models, this pornstar I have seen in at least 35 different porn videos, I think I’ve seen every single one that she has made or at least have been released LOL. I have lost so much sperm to her that I could fill a swimming pool LOL, okay that sounded a little disgusting but that’s how much I like her, and let’s hope that my girlfriend never gets to read this because otherwise I’m in serious trouble!!


Body Details:
Height: 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)
Measurements: 34D-23-33
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Personal Details:
Age: 28 years OLD
Date of Birth: August 16, 1986
Astrological Sign: Leo
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA USA
Ethnicity: Italian American
Race: Multi-ethnic

Additional info:
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Navel
Aliases: Audri Bitoni; Audrey
Started in 2006 at approx 20 years old

Anyhow the word is out that she will be starting very soon on a new website that belongs to the same network of the website that we have spoke about above and that would be Cherry Spot, as you can see in bold is a contextual link, therefore you can click on that at any time at your convenience if you want to, if you want to visit the website I was talking about and where she will be starring shortly.

She’s doing some serious live porn right now

Audrey is not just an adult model, she actually produces her own videos, she is basically her own manager and is helping many other porn models to make it in the adult entertainment industry. I was interviewing her about six months ago and I have to say that she is not only drop jaw gorgeous, but she’s also very smart and she definitely knows how to seduce a man with her words and her looks without even touching your, or touching herself LOL. Suggestion would be to try and get a look at one of her Live Pornstar Shows and you can do that like I have said many other times on different other blogs by taking the free trial over at the live porn network called or there is an alternative and I have linked that below the photograph of this gorgeous girl and I website is called

audrey bitoni porn

So instead of watching one of the numerous porn productions that she has recorded and are on video, on DVD and on demand on television, you can actually sit down and watch one of her Hot Pornstar Videos live while it’s happening over there in the studio they are doing it and you are on the other end of that WebCam and you are watching, that makes it extremely excited, it makes it totally original and different from anything that you watched up-to-date nothing comes even close to what you could experience if you check out my website.

Audrey now has a personal profile on

Well, it ain’t a big deal, but at the very same time it is a very big deal. Simply because that personal page not only has all her information and Bio for all her fans to see, but listed are all Pornstar Audrey Bitoni Live porn videos, all the ones that she has already done and in the case that you missed them you can log on and check them all out for yourself at any time, they’ll always be there for all members to see and enjoy as many times as you wish. It’s become a big thing, this thing, all this exclusive live porn with real adult models, chicks that are pro’s in this business and not some bored MILF looking for some extra cash or the same old college student that in reality has no fucking idea what shes doing.

audry bitoni porn cherrypimps

Another funny thin is that to watch Audrey Bitoni on go wild and haver sex with a dude that has a cock the size of her arm, would cost you five times less than it would to watch a nobody do the same thing, then add to that the shitty quality that the other guys offer when it comes down to Audio and Video!

I’m done talking here, I said what I had to and broke the news on this update, now if you still havent checked out all the Live Pornstars over at or the sister website

Audrey being naughty again on live webcam

I am actually being extremely polite when I say that she is being extremely naughty on Live Porn WebCam, Audrey is very dirty when it comes down to making life porn videos, you thought maybe she was dirty and had a perverted mind while she stars in traditional porn videos think again because when she is live and therefore unedited, they cannot cut out the pieces where she is really filthy, this babe, this extremely hot chick, is a cock munching whore and you should see her at work when they cannot cut out what they do not want to show.

Don’t take me wrong she’s not twisted or something like that, she just goes all the way, she cares less what anyone has to say about her and she totally lets herself go every time that she is in front of a camera and a big hard cock. That is the perfect chemistry for the perfect porn star and that’s what we have here the perfect porn star.

bitoni porn cherrypimps

Then people wonder why she is so successful when it comes down to making porn videos on DVD or even these Live Pornstar shows that everybody is talking about and where she is starring right now along with hundreds of other famous and gorgeous porn stars just like herself. I really think that you have to be born to be a successful porn star, you just don’t become one out of the blue you have to be a slut my birth there is no other way in my humble opinion.

Considering that she is still young I think that she has an extremely long way to success, not but she has not yet hit success but I mean to get better and better in that successful package where she is right now, and because of her starring in many of these Live sex shows over the Internet via WebCam I think that she can only make things absolutely better for herself, people actually get to see how good she is when nobody can edit what she does.

Audrey Bitoni hot pornstar live streaming sex on cam

Who would ever think that this would actually happen Audrey one of my favorite porn stars and by far one of the filthiest babes known in the porn industry is now doing life porn videos, you heard right Audrey Bitoni pornstar of the year 2013 is now having sex while being filmed and streamed over the Internet. My next question would be, where is porn heading? Are we going to the next level with this, I mean we are achieving that we can now watch porn videos as they actually happen, in real time, while they are being created. Is this the new line where everybody will stand to watch porn in the future?

cherrypimps bitoni

I absolutely love the fact that there is a connection between Audrey Bitoni and live porn videos, see cherry pimps is the number one broadcaster for life porn today on the Internet, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty more just like it, but they don’t have live porn videos happening every single day and they certainly don’t have live porn videos that involve porn stars, first of all because the other websites and organizations cannot afford it it is way too costly…

…do you know how much it costs to get Live Pornstars and have them fuck on live WebCam? I spoke to the guys over at cherry pimps and they showed me a few numbers, and I am ready to tell you it’s best if you don’t know how much it costs them and will cost them to put all this together, but at the same time surprisingly, it does not cost a lot to you to watch it, simply because there are so many members that actually are signed up to watch these porn star sex shows is that they have drastically dragged down the sign-up fees in order for millions more to afford and to watch these gorgeous and famous porn stars getting there brains fucked two pieces by massive cocks live every single day over the World Wide Web!

Audrey’s Sexy Threesome

Audrey Bitoni was right in the thick of it – with her mouth full of cock! She was having a threesome with her girlfriend, banging some random lucky stud, and she was sucking him down while her girlfriend was sucking on his balls!

audrey bitoni hot threesome 1

They made his cock so fucking hard! Then again, how can you not be hot by when your getting sucked off by Audrey Bitoni and some other slut!

Audrey Bitoni wanted to be fucked so she made sure that he knew she was going first – and he did fuck her hard and fast!

audrey bitoni hot threesome 2

Audrey Bitoni Fucking The Coach

Audrey Bitoni knew her man was about to be cut from the team, and she wasn’t about to be having any of that! If her man wasn’t on the team her life would be over!

She was willing to do anything for her man, and fucking the coach wasn’t going to be too much of a chore!

audrey bitoni fucks coach 3

Audrey Bitoni started off by showing him her titties – her huge beautiful jumbo sized titties – and then got down on her knees, took his huge cock out of his pants, and started to suck him down…

He had a larger cock than she thought, but that was no problem for Audrey Bitoni… She can handle huge cocks!

audrey bitoni fucks coach 2

Not only does Audrey Bitoni love sucking off huge fat cocks, but she also loves it when huge fat cocks spread her pussy lips and fuck her hard!

audrey bitoni fucks coach 1

Dr Audrey Bitoni Loves Fucking Cock

Now that Audrey Bitoni has gone through the initial exam, it’s time to get down to business – starting off with a very close up front and personal exam of his cock!

Audrey Bitoni isn’t above sucking off some cock!

slutty nurse audrey bitoni 1

But that only makes his cock hard… She knows the problem now, and then Audrey Bitoni will have to deal with the solution!

She’ll have to ride his cock to get him off!

slutty nurse audrey bitoni 2

That will take care of his incurable hard on!

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